Frequently Asked Questions

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What is included in core furnishing ? +

Modular Kitchen, wardrobes, cots, and any
other storage units, living-dining partitions, wall paneling, sofas, chairs, etc.

What is included in soft furnishing ? +

Curtains, blinds, carpets, quilts, wall pictures, wallpapers, etc.

What is the procedure of getting a work done by the Grandiose? +

1. Customer Contacts Us
2. Requirement and Rough Estimate
3. Token payment and Actual Measurement of Space
4. Personal Attention for Design
5. Installation and Handover
6. After-Sales Services

Where do you undertake work ? +

We undertake complete interior design and implementation
works across Bengaluru.

Do you charge a design fee ? +

Yes, we do have a 10% design and management fee.
This fee will be reduced from the final quoted amount.

Do you offer any warranty ? +

When you design your interiors with us, you get a 10-year warranty on our services.
And in addition All accessories, hardware and appliances are covered as per the
respective Manufacturer’s Warranty Policy.

Do you accept card payment ? +

Yes, we accept credit cards with a convenience fee of 2%.

Do you provide EMI Payment options +

Regrettably , we do not offer EMI as a payment alternative presently.